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Catalunya with Motocraft, this track has to be ridden

A world class circuit about to be ridden by me!

The world famous Catalunya race track was built way back in 1991 and started to host world class motorcycle racing since ’92. Each year since then the circuit has hosted the Spanish F1 Grand Prix and the Catalan MotoGP. FIM Superbike World Championship (WSB) also races there each season. It was renamed ‘Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya’ a number of years ago after the local municipality began to part fund the facility.

Making it look all so very easy

It's 4.67 kilometres long and has 14 corners, or 16 if you include the chicane. These vary from the very fast to the very technical and a number of elevation changes simply add to the mix in a way that demands that every track day rider visit here at least once.

Technically, and since so much testing is done here, the track is easier to set up for, and race on, than other European tracks might be. In actual fact it incorporates as many challenges as we’ve come to expect from an international race track with a reputation that borders on the legendary!

Experts suggest that the most common overtaking point is turn one. This is simply because there’s a copious amount of space to do so in. But because the size of a bike is so much smaller than the F1 cars that race here other opportunities for demonstrating ones brilliance can be found at turns 4, 5, 10 and 14.

Our local hero backs it in

In 2018 after the riders in the MotoGP paddock took issue with the grip levels the entire circuit was resurfaced. This has left a significantly safer track to race /ride trackdays on.

It’s not just the headline races that are run here. The circuit also host the FIM JuniorGP, the Barcelona Speed Festival, the 24 Horas de Catalunya de Motociclismo, the 24H de Barcelona-Trofeo Fermí Vélez, the European Le Mans Series and the CER as well as local events that promote the sport, like Motorcycling Championships.

With the staging of the F1 Grand Prix, the MotoGP Grand Prix, the FIA eTCR, the FIM Superbike World Championship and a number of other important motor sport competitions in its calendar, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has stamped its name, and that of Barcelona and Catalonia, to all riders and race fans consciousness all across the world.

If you know, then you know. You know?

Ciutat de Granollers Hotel is one of the local hostelries. It’s only a fifteen minute drive from the track, and even less if your hire car is properly insured, from the circuit. It’s also a short ten minute walk from the town centre where there are a choice of restaurants and cafés to choose from. There are also, it’s been independently confirmed, a host of cigar shops in the centre of the town. It’s also only a only a 45 minute car or train ride from the centre of Barcelona. That last bit is very good for getting in a slice of culture while you’re away.

I’ll be going to the circuit for three days on track with Irish company,, this August. If you’re lucky I might even see you there!




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