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Halvarssons Solberg

Premium all season kit

Looking the part, built to last

The Solberg is another great piece of kit from the Halvarssons range of motorcycle apparel. This jacket is a touring styled affair. Classic bike jacket looks are the first thing that’s obvious about the piece. From there it just gets better.


Once again the technology behind the Solberg is designed to be light weight and, therefore, easy to wear. While made with a combination of textiles, it comes with leather reinforcements.


The base fabric is a Hi-Tenacity PE weave. The PA Stretch factor allows the armour to find the right place on the wearers elbows and shoulders.  The leather is strong and very reassuring to wear.


Both the main textile and the leather are treated with Halvarssons own durable water repellent (DWR) membrane.


Staying warm, or cool, while riding is easy thanks to it being fitted with Outlast. This temperature regulating lining makes for a comfortable riding experience regardless of the weather.

And where weather is concerned having a pair of long ventilation openings openings on both sleeves as when the weather warms up. These are also a feature on either side of the chest, with the chest being complimented by an ‘open back’ set of exhausts make for something that is very easy to wear in the Irish summer.


Halvarssons have developed their own armour and it’s used here. This Hi-Art reinforcement is fitted to both the shoulders and the elbows where it compliments the more traditional armour.


The Solberg from Halvarssons is available in both ladies and gentlemens’ cuts and in sizes from the very, very, small to the more than generous.


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