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Motorcycles Online is exactly what it says it is. All aspects of motorcycling, racing, cruising, touring, commuting, and not just the bikes either.

Events such as shows, new product launches and accessories such as personal protective equipment, luggage, new technology, all here. All on one site.

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Paul Browne

Associate Editor

Paul is the wisest of the group, at least according to himself, (since when, we wonder, did age equal wisdom). He is the distance specialist of the group, regularly clocking up 3,000kms in a single week. He has been known to occasionally exceed speed limits, but only very occasionally. He has yet to own a car.

Maeve Peoples

Sales Manager

As well as being sales manager for Motorcycles Online, Maeve has been an adventure motorcyclist for more years than it would be polite to say. She recently moved to the country in search of a quieter life. She now dreams of occasionally escaping to other parts of the world for two wheeled adventures.


Nicole Lynch

Director of Digital Strategy

Irelands fastest female short circuit racer, women in sport Liaison in Motorcycling Ireland, and a member of the FIM Womens Commission, Nicole is an expert in all things racing. She has been on motorbikes since she was four years old, and has competed on various motorbikes over the last eight years at an international level

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