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15th TT limited edition Arai RX-7V

Updated: Apr 23

Our friends at Arai are now in their 15th year of making a limited run of Isle Of Man TT RX 7 helmets. The TT logo, the Manx Triskelion, a chequered flag motif as well as the Manx ‘Ellan Vannin’ text all feature on a background with the whole piece being designed by the legend that is Aldo Drudi.

One for the display case

2024 also marks forty years since Arai first became involved in racing at the TT. Since then they’ve repeatedly confirmed that the RX7 is the gold standard when it comes to helmets. This is thanks to decades and decades of focused, dedicated, rider first research and a piece of vital rider equipment that’s still made by hand.

Arai is still a family business as it has been for the last 70 years. The team are still as dedicated to building the best helmets in the world as their grandparents were. If you’re lucky enough to wear one then you’ll appreciate what we mean.

If you download or install the Road To 2024 app you can see the launch as well as a host of the legends of the TT alongside some of the riders that are on their way up in the world of road racing.

Designed by Drudi

This 15th limited edition helmet will be available from official dealers in early June. If you’d like one then you need to order one, and order it now!

To find out more about the TT helmets as well as the rest of the range see the companies European site;

Arai. Making red bikes go faster for over 70 years

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