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Bring your own bike 

Nope. It isn’t getting sh1tfaced at a cheap restaurant with booze from the off licence across the road. Rather it’s a Bring Your Own Bike sales event and it’s being hosted by Danfay Newlands here in Dublin.

The Danfay Newlands Store

The concept of BYOB isn’t entirely new, but it is the first time we’ve heard of an event like this being run here in Ireland.

The idea is a simple one. Traditionally buyers and sellers of motorcycles meet on line through well established sales sites for a relatively modest amount fee. Over the last number of years, however, using this sales channel has become a little more fraught as the number of motorcycle thefts continues to rise.

As well as the traditional frustrations for both buyers and sellers that are associated with these sorts of transactions we’re now starting to hear about a significant rise in intimidatory practices from people posing as buyers. At a time when bike crime is on the rise this is very disconcerting.

A bike sales event hosted by one of the biggest brands

So the team at Danfay will be running a bring your own bike sale at the new Yamaha store at the end of this month, July, on Saturday the 27th. What they hope to do is to create a safe space for us to sell our bikes. This facility is free, Danfay don’t charge any money for it, and runs from 10am until 5pm. It doesn’t matter what bike you’re moving on, a dirt bike, a race bike, a vintage bike, a scooter and all powered two wheeled machines are welcome. You can even bring along your trike if you wanted to move it on!

The event takes place outdoors in the spacious carpark at the new dealership. The store will supply price tags for each bike. This can be used to list bike details such as price, year, model and so on. The road network around the dealership offers a huge array of roads to test ride any road legal machine on.

All two, and three, wheeled vehicles are welcome

If you’d like to avail of this unique service then you can register by sending an email to


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