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Yamaha open dedicated Store

Danfay enter the retail market

Are you good enough to ride an MT 10?

A seismic change took place in the Irish motorcycle industry earlier this year with the arrival on the retail market of a dedicated Yamaha store in Dublin. While BMW have appointed two dedicated dealers, one in Dublin and another in Cork, no one else has managed to open a single franchise dealership in the country.

Now that’s changed and after two generations and six decades of being a distributor Danfay are now selling directly to the motorcycling public. As someone who has enjoyed riding a host of Yamaha machinery over the years, I was suitably impressed when I visited the shop a few weeks ago. I haven’t seen as impressive a display of bikes from the company outside the bigger shows like EICMA.

Everything Yamaha under the one roof

Bikes from every genre are on display. All the touring, adventure, hyper naked, R series and sport heritage as well as the impressive rage of YZ off road bikes are all here in the one shop. They even have a range of eBikes on display.

Tomorrow they’re throwing open the doors to the public with an official opening.

To celebrate, they’ll be making it as special as they can, with a whole lot of Yamaha to look, touch and play with. They’ve put on a fleet of demonstrators which are available to pre book today for 30 minute test rides. All you need is a full licence.

In the rest of the store there is a whole range of ‘soft’ branded clothing from the Yamaha stable as well as Yamaha factory parts and accessories for the bikes. Rather interestingly they’ll be offering 20% off anything from this range that’s purchased on the day. There are even special deals on certain bikes on the day.

One of the big reasons for opening a stand alone store was to offer a state of the art workshop. The idea is to offer a full diagnostic service in addition to all the usual stuff from a modern workshop. Tomorrow they’ll even be offering free health checks for anyone on a Yamaha.

Well Sprung

But back to those eBikes. Anyone who buys anything in the store will be entered into a raffle for a CrossCore model. While it’s worth over two and a half grand I’m interested in getting one and I have folding money waiting for it should you win it and be interested in some quick cash…

Danfay Newlands are to be found at Newlands Cross in West Dublin. The phone number is 016871922 and they'll be open from 10am until 5pm. We’re assured that there'll be good coffee and great biscuits.

Yamahas Own range of eBikes are on display


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