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A Gold Star For NEXX

Updated: May 23

A NEXX X.R3R race helmet now comes with an ACU Gold Sticker

The top of the range PRO FIM EVO

The NEXX X.R3R helmet looks the part. The shape of the lid is perfect and even more so when in a race crouch on your bike while you thunder down the main straight at a Spanish trackday.

Now the good news is that the company have added another safety rating to the helmet. As well as meeting the FIM standard and the ECE 22.06 European one, they’ve just confirmed another endorsement with the coveted ACU Gold Sticker.

The design work has been done with racers and done for racers. The shell of the helmet looks incredibly good. The rating starts here with a choice of multi composite or carbon fibre shells and a MotoGP ready PRO FIM EVO. While they all weigh in at an amazingly low figure, it’s the carbon one that I want, no it’s the one that I need. The three letter acronyms start with CFD, Computational Fluid Dynamics. Try working that into the conversation on a first date.

A choice of very European designs

Basically this means that the helmet has been subjected to a virtual wind tunnel test. This test is then confirmed /tweaked with a physical wind tunnel. The second is used to see how stable the wearers head is, physically and not emotionally as the latter will need a lot more than a new lid. It also confirms reduced pressure on the wearers neck.

This is where it gets really interesting. As a result of this work the helmet has what’s called a ‘dynamic weight of absolute zero at 160 kph. This is facilitated by adding the supplied spoiler addition. While the helmet already has one for regular use the additional bit, which is clear, can be added for riding on a track day or racing.

On the inside it gets even cleverer. A vibration damping system eliminates the tinnitus inducing noise.

Four vents on the rear, Six on the front

It also has a thing called a Vortex Generator which assists with both reaching the speed of light and time travel. Only joking, it sits below the chin and helps maintain the shells aerodynamics.

Even the visor is a very clever technical piece. They’re supplied with a pinlock as well as being ready made for tear offs. Very cleverly a set of anti-vibration plates manage that afore mentioned air noise. The side plates are spring loaded. This means that the visor, once fitted, is actually pulled back against the helmet. This eliminates rain water and wind intrusion.

The hot air generated by your weird thoughts is vented via four exhausts on the top and rear of the helmet. These are, in turn, ‘fed’ by six intakes at the front of the helmet. A very clever vent in the jaw actually ‘drags’ the air across the wearers face.While all this air helps the antibacterial lining is made using a wonderfully soft touch fabric called X.MART Dry ads to wearer comfort.

Like a glove

The pads can be taken out by the unfortunate medic who has to deal with your latest highside without doing any further damage. It also makes it easier to clean the lining.


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