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Arai Dress The Fastest Road Racers

Updated: Jun 9

Stunning. Simply stunning

Every successful company benefits from ongoing research and development. Taking something good and making it better, or simply keeping it up to date is a given in order to stay relevant. Arai are no different. Only their R&D department, rather than being a laboratory or similar,  is the Isle Of Man Tourist Trophy, of TT as real people call it. Having destroyed several over the years, I can confirm my gratitude for all the work that the whole organisation does. I’ve only got one head and, remarkably, it still works.  

An SP1 Never worked so hard!

Legend has it that Joey Dunlop wore a yellow helmet that was so badly made that he ran a strip of black tape over it in an effort to keep it together in the event of an off. Then he and Arai met each other and he began to race wearing to best helmets in the world. As the taped up piece of awful had become somewhat of a trademark for Joey for Joey. Arai simply incorporated it into the design and a motorcycle icon was born as was the Japanese companies relationship with road racing and the TT in particular.  

2024 is the 104th TT. Arai have been keeping riders safe with their helmets for 40 of those years, with Joey and Brian Reid being the first to wear them all the way back in 1984.

Since then over 70% of riders have chosen to wear Arai. Our very own Eoin O’Siochru joins riders such as Robert Dunlop, Philip McCallan and so many more. This year Joeys nephew, Michael, takes on his 26th TT. Once again he’s wearing an Arai. If he wins again, and there’s no reason to belive that he won’t, he’ll match his uncles previously unbroken record.

These days at the worlds premium road race you’ll see a team of Arai technicians prep and maintain the riders helmets. Seeing the speed at which the team can change a visor while the rider is wearing the helmet is an experience in itself! Even more so when you consider that the bike is being refreshed with fuel and tyres at the same time.    

Brian Reid, another TT legend

Arai have made the TT their own. Since the two have been synonymous with each other the parade lap will be flagged out by Akihito Arai and will include current riders as well as retired ones. Meanwhile that TT special collectors lid is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.

Michio Arai expressed his pride of four decades of TT relationship, saying “The Isle of Man TT has been a special place for Arai since the 1980s, and we are extremely proud to be a key partner four decades later. The unique challenges presented by the TT are like no other race in the world, and it is an honour for us that so many of the world’s best road racers choose Arai for their protection.” He added “We send the very best luck to all riders at the TT, and in particular to Arai athlete Michael Dunlop who will compete for an incredible 26th win to equal his uncle, and original Arai TT rider, Joey Dunlop.”

The Isle of Man TT race week will begin on Saturday 1st June and run until Saturday 8th. We wish all the riders the very best.

Well remembered



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