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CF Moto are back

The range is now available at AMI in Gorey

In November the CF Moto range landed in Gorey. The full list of models from the Chinese motorcycle giant have now been added to the, already impressive, range of offerings at Adventure Motorcycles Ireland. AMI is the sister company of overlanders in Wexford. Just one of the new machines they have to offer as part of the brands extensive line up is the all new 800 MT Explore.


This is a bike that looks the ready for the adventure, wherever it might take you. At the core of the beast is a very impressive motor. A 799cc block sitting in a parallel-twin configuration puts out a shade under 93 bhp. More importantly there’s 75 Nm of torque available at only 8,000 rpm. This is a proven powerplant having been used to great acclaim and success as part of the KTM range in the not so distant past.


A new line up includes the 800 MT Explore

It has all the equipment and features which we’ve come to expect from a modern adventure machine. Indeed this is no ‘also ran’. It’s the real thing! The Explorers power delivery is managed via an electric throttle and fuel injection. The fuelling options include all terrain, sport, and ‘I’m afraid of my bike’ (rain mode). These riding power and characteristics can be chosen and switched through at the touch of a button.


CF Motos pride and joy weighs in at only 225 kilos. At this weight it compares rather nicely with the BMW 850 GS which comes in at 229 Kilos. This makes for an easy machine to work with both on and off road. Of this weight both the frame and subframe are a shockingly low 16 kilos. The front features a set of 43mm fully adjustable upside-down KYB telescopic forks. On this end the suspension travel is 160 mm. This makes it perfect for adventure riding use. The front has 20-clicks adjustment of preload, compression and rebound damping, the rear springing all of this is a non-adjustable rear shock with travel of 150mm.


An easy machine to work with

Stopping is compliments of a pair of J.Juan four piston calipers and 320mm discs. The same brand caliper is also used on the rear.  J.Juan are a well proven component, they’re made in Spain and used as standard fitment on a range of brands including all of Zeros electric models. As with anything of this capacity, ABS comes as standard.


Coming into a crowded market the team at CF Moto have put their best foot forward with a bike that promises to be able to do the job. To this end it has a total weight capacity of 413kg. This means it can take a tasty 188 kilos of weight including a full 19 litres of fuel. With the companies own luggage there’s plenty of storage space for everything you need for a few weeks away. Afterall the thoughts of not being able to go away without your hair products doesn’t bare thinking about… 


Speaking of comfort, the seat sits at 825mm. Having a width of 853mm combined with a short wheelbase the bike is easy to move about on and being shod on Michelin Anakees just adds to its ability to climb a Donegal goat track.


The rider aids suite is very impressive. Along with the ABS, there’s an electric stability control function as well as it coming with traction control as standard. One of the other features that the bike comes with is radar on the rear of the bike. This is all in addition to Rear Collision Warning, Lane Change Assist and Blind Spot Detection. Cruise control does, of course, come on the bike for those long days on the road..


To find out more give Gary at AMI a call on 0539422415.


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