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Heading Michael wins 27!

Michael Dunlop made history at this years most famous road race, the IOM TT. Until this year the record was held by his uncle, Joey, with a staggering 26 wins. This year Michael posted his 27th TT win on a Yamaha R7. He’s now the most successful rider of all time.


While many riders would have found the delays and changing schedules distracting Michael presented yet another road racing masterclass. While he rode so hard that he came very close to getting to the lap record. Never the less he still put it over the line an almost unbelievable twenty seconds ahead of the next rider. Stunning. Even more so when we consider the lampposts, walls, hedges and all the other things that really hurt when they get in the way of a good lap.

“We had an issue on the first night and the boys worked hard to fix it so thanks to them for working all night. I felt good, knew I needed to relax, calm down and just go. The wee bike felt good, although it was windy up there and I’m not the smallest. This is a nice place to be though. I’ve never modelled myself against Joey and I don’t want to be. He was a special talent, and everybody aspires to be him. I’ve broken records but this was a personal thing I wanted to break. That’s the one I’ve always wanted.”


Add up all the Dunlop wins and Joeys 26 added to Roberts five with Michaels 27 and the family have a staggering 58 wins between the three of them!  

French leather racing suit specialists, Furygan, who along with Arai, are an inseparable part of Michaels brand were on the Island again this year. One of the suits, David Robert who’s the Communication, Marketing and Sponsorship Manager for Furygan said some stuff before getting back to laughing at poor people;

The smile of a winner!

“Dedication and striving for excellence are definitely a meeting point between Furygan’s Racing Department and Michael Dunlop, and we both get there with the same fuel: passion. What Michael has done today is the pinnacle of an incredible performance at an incredible event and all of us at Furygan are so happy to have been able to accompany this fierce racer on his journey. I want to say how incredibly proud we are to be a part of his team, not because he is a TT legend, but because of how genuine and great the man is. That’s what gives meaning to what we do. Thank you Michael.”

 If you’re riding a fast bike on the road or circuit, maybe you’re racing or planning to you’re best advised to wrap up properly. Furygan, with their In&Motion airbag suits and Arai, have proven themselves to be more than adequate when it comes to protecting those of us who exhibit a lack of talent that borders on the downright stylish.




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