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Updated: Apr 23

Carls city bike

Back when the 2002 model-year rolled around,


Even at first glance Ducatis limited edition Monster S4 Fogarty is a bit special. Obviously, this stunning rarity pays tribute to the World Superbike racing legend Carl “Foggy” Fogarty. He'd dominated the series with Ducati during the nineties. Th etribute bike from 2002 sets itself apart from anything else of the era.


USD Ohlins forks

Carbon fibre detailing abounds with the cowls, engine casings, clutch covers, underseat panels and that perfect bellypan. Even the steering damper is made with the stuff. The Temignoni exhaust system, with its carbon fibre sleeves, is the icing on the cake.


Upon closer inspection it just keeps getting better. The bike sits on a set of USD Ohlins forks with the rear end being sprung by Sachs. All are fully adjustable. Both wheels are Marchesini affairs. The S4s brakes were made by Brembo. While it may not have been a WSB winning machine, it was built like something that benefited from a raid on the race teams parts box!


Carbon fibre detailing abounds

Foggy is, of course, name checked on the bodywork where those iconic eyes stare out from each side of the tank. This in turn has a specific badge celebrating the rider and his achievements. The windscreen cowl also has some branding where Ducati have nodded their heads to Carl. They’re complimented with a number 1 and representations of both the Georges Cross and Italian flags. The windscreen cowl is, once again, made from carbon fibre.


At the heart of the beast is a liquid cooled 916 engine. This on its own is iconic. The L twin with its desmodromic valves was the same motor that powered Fogarty to so many podiums. 92 Nm of torque and 110 BHP were the result. For a naked bike in 2002 this was quite the power output. The fuel injection system is a Marelli affair. It’s mapped to meet the requirements of that Termi exhaust system and get the best from it.


If you’re interested in owning one of the few of these very limited machines left in the world, this one is number 267 of 300. It has less than 12,000 km on the clock and Ross at Megabikes is waiting for your call on 014784200.


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