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Motocraft to host three days at Catalunya

Updated: Apr 23

The best three days of the 2024 season

Pit Garages with full Power are included

One of MotoGPs most famous race tracks has to be the Barcelona track at Catalunya. The circuit has been open since 1991 and has hosted world class racing ever since. The worlds premier racing class, MotoGP, first ran here back in 1992 and have done every season since. It’s also hosts a WSB round each year.

Motocraft have been around since 2017. The Irish based company run four three and four day trackday events across Europe with Italys Mugello circuit, Portimão in Portugal as well as a choice of the Spanish circuits. These include Aragon, Navarra, Jerez, Monteblanco, Andalucia and Cartagena. Further afield, the company have run an event in Laguna Seca. Everyone of these tracks are spectacular to ride.

The companies ethos is fairly simple. The Motocraft team offer bespoke on track events on some of the greatest circuits in the world. You may well enjoy watching the MotoGP from Catalunya or WSB from Portimão, but how would it feel to ride there on your own bike and do so for three days on track.

There's plenty of space to 'Explore Your Potential'

Part of what the company do so well is to keep the on track numbers low. This enables the participants to have plenty of space to enjoy each circuit and to ‘Explore their Potential”. In addition the different groups allow riders of a similar pace to ride together. This isn’t self-nominated, as it would be at other events. Rather each of the riders are supplied with a transponder which records their lap times and these are then used to set each in the group that works best for them and by default have a better, more comfortable time on track. This, in turn, allows everyone from the first timer on a road bike to a seasoned racer to use the track in comfort.

Transport is part of the companies service. They have made their own bespoke stillages, these are a type of metal pallet that a bike can be securely fixed in. Importantly these are devised to allow the bike to be loaded without compressing the suspension. Each stillage also has space on it to allow for carrying an amount of extras. These might include track clothing, extra tyres, tools and /or tyre warmers. The bikes are loaded in the companies Dublin facility where they are loaded on the truck and dispatched to the location.

All of the equipment, stillages, forklifts, even the truck and trailer are all owned by Motocraft and driven exclusively by their staff. There are no third parties, contactors involved. Your bike, once entrusted to the team, is in their possession until the owner rolls it off the stillage at the destination.

Racers are usually in a group of their own

Also included is accommodation. The company book their clients hotel as part of the package. Generally we fly out the day before we take to the track. When we get there we find our bikes on the same stillages as they went out on waiting to be unloaded.

The only thing we need to do is get a flight to the nearest airport where car hire is usually pooled and have the time of our lives on the track. Motocraft can be found online at or by sending a WhatsApp message to 0868222859. The next event is at the iconic Catalunya circuit outside Barcelona. We'll be there will you?

Road bikes are more than welcome

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