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Hayabusa in the Can

25 years of the Hayabusa


Still fastest

Affectionately known as ‘Yoshi’, one of the biggest names in motorcycle exhausts is Yoshimura. This is a brand which has long been associated with Suzuki motorcycles. So much so that the exhaust systems and end cans are supplied through the Suzuki parts service. They’re also co-branded with the Japanese bike manufacturers name on the sleeves of the cans.


The particular model of Yoshi used is the R-77 Slip-on. Once the baffles are out the noise is sublime! As they also allow the bike to breathe a little more the engine actually produces even more power both in terms of both horse power and torque. Not bad when you consider that as standard it puts out 190bhp.

The same good looks


More about the bike. The 1,300cc Hayabusa model, a Suzuki motorcycle long confirmed as the worlds fastest road bike, is now 25 years young. To celebrate this milestone the company have made a special anniversary model. As a very special new bike it features a one off paint scheme. An orange and black-based body is complimented by special colours for the drive chain adjuster as well as the front brake disk inner. There is a very special  25th anniversary emblem and a three-dimensional Suzuki logo on the tank.


A work of art

Way back in 1998, when it was first launched, the bike was a bit ‘raw’. To this end it produced a whole lot of power without as much as an ABS system to help manage the situation! These days the new model has a suite of electronics. These include traction control along with a bi-directional quick shift system as part of the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System.


Those Yoshi cans even look so much better than the standard ones. The ones that come out of the factory look so big that they take quite a lot from the bikes aesthetics. The only problem is that replacing them costs a staggering amount of money. €3,500 to be precise. That on top of the €19,875 for the bike itself and things are starting to get a bit juicy.


The more it changes, the more it stays the same...

The good news is that now, thanks to an offer from the company, the price of the Yoshi cans is reduced to only €500. This even includes fitting them. The Hayabusa is an exceptional machine. Yoshimura make exceptional exhausts. The two together are a match made in motorcycle heaven!     





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