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Ready to race

Moto Guzzi are 70 years young this year, which is a little bit like saying that I’m 83 kilos light. Anyway enough of that, the big news is that the iconic Italian brand continue to shower their V7 with love, affection and us with new variations of the companies model.


The latest unique re making of the V7 is the very cool looking Stone Corsa. The bike was introduced at the companies open house in Mandello. This is when thousands of the brands visiting fans visit the factory. Their reaction to the new Corsa V7, the latest, incarnation of the bike was unanimous in its positivity.


While the engine and chassis are exactly the same as the parent model on the Corsa the styling is both different and, I reckon, it looks simply wonderful. Some would argue that it captures the companies sporting past perfectly. From my perspective that is exactly what would appear to be the case.


Features such as the pillion saddle, which is styled to look like a single seater as well as the fairing warrant an old school open face helmet worn with a pair of old school goggles. Indeed the fairing adds to that styling and finishes the bikes look perfectly. 


Where the trim and finish on the machine is concerned they make for a bike that is very easy on the eye. Its base colour is a subtle metallic grey. This, in turn, is overlaid with red detailing which bring out the bikes body lines. The cool bar end mirrors, twin pipes and neat tail light would make a hipster smile and the Corsa even comes with a special edition plate on the handlebar risers.


But back to the racing. The ‘Corsa’ will, indeed, be raced in Italy. The company have funded their own ‘Fast Endurance’ domestic series. With reference to this gladiatorial competition, if anyone is interested in sponsoring me I’m quite definitely up for proving my on track talent here. Yes, if you have the money, then I have the talent. I also really like the thoughts of living in Italy for the season.


The extras included are similar to the rest of the range with a similarly styled pillion seat cover. Talk to Ross at where you can embrace your very own inner hipster and ride an iconic brand in all its glory…


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