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Husqvarnas new 401

The Vitpilen and Svartpilen are compact, smart and stylish

One of each


Husqvarna, long associated with the legendary range of off road machines it produces, have launched new Vitpilen and Svartpilen 401 street bikes. Both feature entirely new engines housed in a brand new chassis. And all presented in a newly designed package. They’re also A2 licence friendly.


An all-new steel trellis frame as married to a lightweight aluminium swingarm and.It’s sprung with WP suspension on each end. A longer wheelbase married to a new seat height. At 820mm, the seat is accessible to riders of all heights and helps improve cornering behaviour. The Vitpilen models further benefit from new handlebars that offer reduced weight for more responsive steering.


The new bikes have a lot to offer. With a single cylinder engine at the heart of the matter which have a strong association with the KTM engine of the same size, power is produced in an easy and predictable manner. While being billed with the cool moniker of 401, this motor is a 399cc affair.  It also puts out 45bhp, a figure that even the most experienced motorcyclist would find more than enough around the city.


The small engine, 17” wheels and lightweight components make for a bike that offer a dynamic ride and, as such, one that ‘forgives’ the 45bhp!

Unique Looks

Both 401 machines also feature an electronics suite that we’re more used to seeing on bigger bikes.


Three riding modes make for a more adaptable machine, while cornering ABS and traction control will help get the overenthusiastic amongst us out of trouble. The ABS is supplied by Bosch and delivered to a set of ByBre calipers and disks. The levers are adjustable. There’s even a quick shifter.


Both bikes surprisingly high spec continues with a 5” bonded glass TFT display, where all the detail is presented to the rider. The LED headlight has a positioning, or adjustable, light ring.


Wheels are shod with Michelins Power 6 tyres on the Vitpilen and the highly regarded Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR hoops are on the Svartpilen.

Talk to Gavin or any of the team at CCM Racing.

Knobbly tyres, looking the part!

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