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BMW launch the CE 04

130 kilometres available from a full charge

With the new BMW CE 04, from BMW Motorrad, continues the companies brave march into the future with their electric strategy for urban mobility. And at first glance it doesn’t try to look like a traditional scooter. Indeed the design is so futuristic that even a ‘real’ diehard motorcyclist would look twice at one. It’s fully electric, using no fossil fuels what so ever, and it integrates fully with the riders phone. The 42 hp CE 04 has a strong motor. For those of us who like the ‘traffic light GP’ this thing pulls from standing still to 50kph in a little over two seconds! There is, of course, a reduced power option available, but they both top out at 120kph.

It also has a healthy range with 130 kilometres available from a full charge. This makes it perfect to ride in the city where it can be recharged at work or, more likely, can be recharged at home after multiple commutes. Power comes from a 8.9 kWh battery. The battery is housed in the frame of the bike.

Standing still to 50kph in a little over two seconds This lithium-ion battery gets charged using the bikes own inbuilt charging device. This can be done at an ordinary socket in the wall of your shed or at a more specific wallbox as well as at any public charging station. It’ll take four hours and 20 minutes for a full charge on a completely flat battery. The quick charger, which is an optional extra, reduces that time all the way back to one hour an 40 minutes. Using the quick charger on a battery that only has 20% life left in it will only take 45 minutes. A cable comes as standard. A traction control system exactly the same as the one already being used in the BMW Motorrad range is used. ASC controls rear wheel slip by managing engine torque. Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), is available as an optional extra. It basically stops it from ‘stepping’ out under acceleration.

The battery is housed in the frame of the bike.

There are three riding modes; Road is standard and produced as would be expected. Rain allows for more traction and ECO is the one that you hope will get you home when you’ve forgotten to charge it.

All of this is controlled via a generously sized 10.25 inch TFT colour screen. It’s easy to read, can be used for navigation and connecting wirelessly, via a comms kit in riders helmet to a phone.

The new CE 02 is available from both Kearys Motorrad in Cork and Joe Duffy Motorrad in Dublin.


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