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CF Moto, a proven brand

Great bikes, great looks...

CF Moto are now available from Adventure Motorcycles Ireland (AMI) in Gorey, County Wexford. The brand are long associated with KTM, the company made a significant amount of each finished bike. Because they were a well proven

manufacturer of bikes for the European and North American markets they broke the perception that Chinese products were in some way deficient.

Now in order to justify their good name the company are offering a four year warranty on all their products. And they have quite the range of products. There are a number of different categories with the street orientated NK range with four bikes, the 300, the 450, the 650 and the 800 sport’s models. Both of the SP, the 450 and the 300 are learner legal.

A lot of bike, not a lot of money

The SP offerings are sports orientated and consist of a 300 and a 450 model, while the CL range is a mixed bag with a 300cc learner legal street bike, a 450cc cruiser, a heritage model with cross spoke wheels and a 700cc engine. The 700cc machine from the range is very well finished indeed, the model looks fantastic with a premium finish and even a seat cowl.

Tracktime beckons!

As a company, CF Moto have a fantastic offering in the Adventure, MT, class. The engine sizes on these bikes are similar to the rest of the range but with no 300 and the addition of a 700cc machine. The top of the range 800 even comes with pannier mounts, while the 450 looks like a bike that’s designed for the Dakar. The finished spec and quality are very impressive. The 800NK has features such as a full LED lighting suite, Apple Car Play and a TFT screen. It also has a quickshifter and keyless ignition!

Ready and waiting

All of the engine sizes and configurations are similar with the 300’s being a single and the rest being parallel twins. Power output varies across the range, but only marginally.

Stopping Power

Bikes in the range, such as the 700CL-X come with Brembo calipers as standard. They also boast cruise control and KYB suspension. The 450 MT also has a KYB setup in addition to a 21” front as well as a detachable subframe. The 800cc 800 MT has all of the above plus cornering ABS.

You can contact the team at AMI on 0539422415.

A Well Proven Powerhouse


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