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Moto Morini X-Cape - The Great Escape

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

In September 1937 Alfonso Morini set up his own motorcycle company. He started up in a little town called Via Malvasia in Bologna. By early 1938 he had begun producing 350, 500 and 600cc three-wheelers. Back then three-wheelers that were built on a motorcycle enjoyed tax breaks, they didn’t require a driving license and cost a fraction of what a truck would.

Thanks to their reliability and performance the young Bolognese company started to do well. A few short years later and World War II kicked off and everything changed. After some fascists were dealt with and they started fighting with the winners the company briefly concentrated on cars. It wasn’t long before they ditched that nonsense and committed themselves to making motorcycles.

Since then a lot of two wheeled water has flowed under the bridge. Then back in 2018, after some pretty tense negotiations, the company changed hands and became part of the Zhongneng Vehicle Group. The Chinese money provided an important investment which allowed the company to develop new models. The plan was to make bikes with different displacements, expand the Morini range and increase its’ presence in the market.

Moto Morini X-Cape - Versatility, Fun & Comfort

Now that the ‘great unhappiness’ is over, Moto Morini are back to work and have released an all new adventure motorcycle called the X-Cape. The new bike looks the part and it does, indeed, appear to be a machine that one could make their much needed escape from the everyday on.

The bike promises versatility, fun and comfort made with the look of a handsome bike that could only be designed by an Italian! Up front the 19’’ front wheel is complimented with a large Marzocchi built set of forks with a 50mm diameter. Pirelli STR tyres are fitted as standard. All of this has been designed to work together on paved roads as well as they will on a trail. The saddle is roomy enough to move about on and has a neutral height of 845mm.

A large 7” TFT screen sits below the riders view of the road. Here is where all the information is displayed. The bikes windscreen is adjustable with only one hand. We’re not, for a moment, suggesting that you move it up or down when riding. But if that was how you did things…

Also up the front is a USB charging point. Very handy for the phone that’s playing the music that’s being piped into your helmet. The electrics continue with a full LED headlight. The Brembo brakes work a treat and reflect the bikes excellent build quality. Somewhat surprisingly, the ABS is still switchable. This is very handy for trail riding and, at this stage, is gone from almost every other marque that is built in Europe.

Moto Morini X-Cape - Dealer Fit Accessories

Dealer fit accessories are also available. The list is long and includes pieces such as hand guards, crash bars a lower seat. There is also an engine guard, allowing you to drop it at will. For those who like their long days in the saddle there’s also a touring windscreen. There is, of course, a full three piece aluminium luggage set available as well.

Moto Morinis’ X-Cape is available as either a standard or limited 48 horse power engine. For more information see or send a message to 0852629423.


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