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Dunlop launch the new GSX-8R on SportSmart TT Tyres

Updated: Apr 23

The ‘Track Tyre’ makes the new Suzuki stand out

Channeling Suzukis Past

Suzuki’s new GSX-8R is making its mark on the bike market. Back in January when the bike was launched the company did so on one of our very favourite circuits, Monteblanco. The track is technical, with a brilliant corner one, a host of fast corners, a kilometre long straight and a reputation for being ‘hard’ on tyres.


The tyre didn’t disappoint. While the bike is somewhat ideal for the circuit, all the power is more than usable on the track, and the bike can cope with all the track can throw at it. It’s, as it always is, the tyres that finish the job to perfection. Indeed the SportsSmart TTs made the new Suzuki look even better, highlighting its handling and easy to use engine.

The Moteblanco Circuit, one of the best in Europe when it comes to testing tyres

Dunlop have made and designed the tyres with a strong commitment to providing the rider with a superior on track performance. A lot of this enhanced performance comes down to its NTEC RT technology. This allows for the rear tyres pressure to be lowered for track use. Lowering the pressure allows for it to heat up quicker and in turn increase both its grip and the size of its contact patch. Continuing to use the heat generated by riding on track, more grip is offered via its ‘Speed Vent Tread’. The groove pattern actually opens and closes in the turns. This offers better heat dissipation.

Ready to ride

On the front, meanwhile, a revised dynamic mould profile creates a balance steering effort and the best turn-in grip. This delivers more feedback and by association, more rider confidence when both braking and turning.


Roberto Finetti, who manages marketing for the brand clarified: “We developed SportSmart TT to allow riders to combine road and track riding, and are proud that this successful collaboration with Suzuki serves as a testament to the capabilities of both the GSX-8R and SportSmart TT. Congratulations to Suzuki for a highly successful launch.” 


“We are honoured to have played a crucial role in the launch of the new Suzuki GSX-8R,” added his colleague, Dmitri Talboom, the product manager for Dunlop Motorcycle products here in Europe. He elaborates; “Dunlop SportSmart TT’s combination of track-focused performance and road versatility perfectly complements the new GSX-8R, making it a great choice for riders that want to excel on both the road, and the track.”

Red wheels are faster!

The SportsSmart TT is widely available from motorcycle shops all across Europe. To find out more about riding on tracks like Monteblance see


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