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Feel The Fury(gan)

Updated: Apr 23

Race Ready With French Clothing Experts

The best logo. Ever.

It’s time to update our wardrobes. For me the style and safety that are involved in the Furygan range is always something that appeals to my excellent taste. It's little wonder why my wallet is always in such pain.

First up are the new Styg20 X Kevlar Racing Gloves. Try saying that with a mouthful of gravel from turn two. While he hasn’t made them himself, Johann Zarco spent a lot of time working with the designers to ensure that these are good enough for him.

They come pre-shaped with an AFS ventilation system. This means that your beautiful soft hands don’t get sweaty. Metacarpal protectors, Kevlar reinforcements, palm sliders, anti-separation links on the final two fingers, finger stitch seams on the outside, a grip insert and an elastic cuff adjustment system all make for a premium product.

A new racing and trackday season is upon us.

That resonation that travels from your knee up your body when you deck out your slider in a fast corner is just such an enjoyable sensation. This is probably why they mneed replacing so often! The ones from Furygan’s were developed for racers and trackday riders and they easily look so much cooler than anything else on the market. The panther logo is awesome.

Getting your elbow down?

It’s all nothing without a new suit. The ‘Overtake’ is the latest top-of-the-range suit as worn by both MotoGP and WorldSBK riders. Neoprene inserts at the collar and on the wrists, the use of morpho stretch panels and selected perforated areas all offer excellent air circulation and comfort. The aerodynamic speed hump reduces drag adds comfort while tucked in. If it all goes a bit ‘turn two’ then the Kevlar reinforcements at the hips, seat and forearms, along with the D3O© shoulder and elbow protectors, triple stitching, chest protector pockets and the additional Furygan Airbag Vest will earn their keep.

You can see this, and the rest of the range, at You can arrange a fitting at

Airbag Ready

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