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Knox online Clearance Sale

Clothing for the active

Have you ever found yourself taking a bit of time out, perhaps pausing for an overpriced ‘macha-chocolato-bolivian-blend-stop-patronising-me-you-absolute-tosser’ in your local hipster café when you suddenly see them across the room /walking down the street. It is indeed one of your many ex partners. Your inability to understand, never mind express, any sort of emotion ensures that you’ve left relationships in your wake the same way that one of those cyclones in the US leave trailer parks in their theirs. With a dark bitter sarcasm you remember the carnage and mutter to yourself, ‘There’s one from the archives’.

The good news is that there is more than one type of archive. They’re usually associated with either state secrets, not good, or creativity, excellent.

Everything you could want in a motorcycle glove

Creative is not a word that we usually associate with motorcycle clothing. Indeed there are very few exceptions. But Knox are one of them and they are so in a very significant way.

I first became aware of them a number of years ago when they launched a very different looking glove called the Handoid. As well as having really cool armour on the back of the hand they also had things that looked like little knee sliders on the palm. I had a black pair and I remember thinking that if Darth Vadar gave you a punch in the face one of these would be that last thing that you’d see.

Then sometime later I highsided someone else’s FireBlade and landed on my left wrist. Those little sliders protected my scaphoid and a saved me from a very long recovery. I was converted.

Since then the company have launched more armour including the best back protector on the market, AAA rated jeans and trousers, armoured shirts, incredibly comfortable base layers, a huge range of gloves, body armour that uses the companies own Micro Lock armour. The luggage is brilliant, it even uses that same armour to protect the contents! The seasonless collection is pure genius.

Brilliant kit, that looks great off the bike

I have, and continue to, wear a number of their pieces and I’ve yet to find myself in a position to write anything negative about any of the products that they make.

In short the team at Knox, while just a few dedicated people, show a real creativity when it comes to making clothing that works, as protection while still being easy to wear and being stylish. Their archive is both impressive and large.

Now it’s time for the team to add even more as they start to plan for the 2025 season. To that end they will need to clear some of the range from their archives and they’ll be offering some tasty prices while these stocks last. Have a look at what’s on offer and treat yourself to some brilliant kit. You know that you deserve the best…   

You don't even need a jacket





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