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Furygan and D30 do back Protection

Put your back into it!

If it's good enough for Michael...

We’ve only got the one back and as motorcyclists our susceptibility to injuring it is higher than those who still don’t understand how much fun we’re having. In order to keep such a significant asset safe it makes perfect sense to protect it.

Back in the day when I first wore one it was made by Dainese. I had bought it more out of curiosity than anything else. Then, while demonstrating my brilliance on track, I ran out of talent and momentarily broke free of gravity. Like most good things, however, this newfound lightness didn’t last and I was reacquainted with the ground in no time at all. When I landed on the circuits raised kerbing I did so on the small of my back. I stood up to find my poor Fireblade looking very sad indeed. But I then realised that my back wasn’t injured. I had ducked a significant bullet and all because I’d been curious enough to wear a back protector.

These days there is a huge choice of protection available to us. These include a variety of back armour options. Never the less the consistent complaint that we hear about them is how bulky they are with a number of riders forgoing them as a result.

Safety doesn't have to be uncomfortable anymore

For a number of years now we’ve seen newer and smarter products being developed. They weigh less, they take up a fraction of the space that older ones did and they work in newer and cleverer ways. One of the companies that make these is D30. The team work with Furygan where their successful partnership has been running for the last 15years. Thanks to their racing pedigree, Furygan sponsored riders have tested them in the real world to a more than satisfactory level!  

Waveform keeps the shock to a minimum

Now both companies have upped their game with the jointly developed new Furygan D3O level 2 Full Back Evo. There’s a whole lot of ‘clever’ going on here. The companys use what they call waveform technology. This directs the shock away from the riders body while the ventilation that’s built in reduces that weight and bulk that we associate with older back protection. Adding that flexibility that D30 have developed and there’s no longer an excuse not to ‘Put Your Back Into It’.

When I think back to that day I still shudder at the thoughts of what could have happened if I hadn’t been dressed properly. I cannot endorse these enough. If you don’t have one then go and get one. You owe it to yourself to look after yourself.

More details of Furygan and D30 can be found on and the range are sold here in Ireland by Kennedy Motorcycles.


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