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Furygan Raptor Evo 3


Looking back at the old Furygan leather jacket in my office, the classic cut, the styling and the quality of the leather were legendary. And deservedly so!


Now the French company have given that styling a nod with the all new ‘Raptor Evo 3’ leather jacket. This is finished in a choice of colours and a whole lot of wearer comfort is built in as well as safety and that all import and heritage of its predecessors. The design team at Furygan have long understood that no matter how safe a garment is, if it doesn’t look good then we’re not going to wear it!


As per usual they’ve dismissed the problem with an artisanal French shrug.  


The jacket, unsurprisingly, comes with a AAA rating. This is an acknowledgment that the jacket carries the highest rating available for any garment here in Europe. Or anywhere else for that matter. To achieve this the company have incorporated external shoulder plates as well as the rather wonderful D3O© protectors in both the elbows and shoulders. Meanwhile the features that I first heard of being used in Furygan clothing all those years ago such as triple stitching keep the jacket in one piece should the unthinkable happen. There are also pockets for both chest protectors as well as a back protector. They also come with those very cool elbow sliders...


While it is a leather jacket, it's not just for summer. The Raptor comes, as standard, with a removable thermal lining. This dismisses the cold thanks to its aluminium inserts. After all why should a bit of winter stop any of us from looking as cool as we do?


The jackets comfort factor and ease of wear is enhanced with bi-stretch inserts as well those clever waist adjusters. I really like, and can’t really do without, those incredibly comfortable neoprene hems on the collar and wrists. The shape of the front and the way the leather is cut even make the wearer look like they have abs!


There are three colours available. There’s the black with white branding, then there’s a black with white panels and white branding as well as the black with red branding. All of them are available from small all the way up to triple extra-large. Just don’t by the first one, I’m getting one of them and I don’t want you riding around while looking like me.


One will set you back €550 and are available to order from Meskell motorcycles in Limerick.

See for the rest of the range.


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