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Hand in Glove

The Lindstrands Hede

Lindstrands, Swedish motorcycle clothing experts, have added a new all weather glove to their range just in time for the winter season. Making a winter glove or a summer glove is relatively straight forward. Making one that covers the hands comfortably for both takes a lot more technical ability.


The company have based the Hede glove on a goatskin base. As a hide goatskin is more subtle, offers more feedback to the wearer and still has an abrasion resistance that well exceeds the CE standards for clothing safety in Europe. 


In order to make them an all weather glove they had to combine the leather with a fabric. To this end they added a Hi Tenacity flexible fabric. This allowed for the armour to be housed in the glove as well as providing a point to place the weatherproof properties.


Lining the glove with a Dryway waterproof membrane keeps the rain out. The wearers hands are protected from the cold thanks to a Thinsulate insulation with a 180g rating in the body of the glove and a 40g rating in the palm. If you’ve ever had the lining of a waterproof glove come our with your hand then you’ll appreciate the addition of Skinfit XTR. This is the piece of clothing technology that keeps the lining in place.


Safety is delivered on a number of fronts. The most obvious, and to many of us the most reassuring are the knuckle protectors on each hand. These are made with strong, yet flexible TPU plastic. The protection continues with the companies own Hi-Art reinforcement in both of the palms. This allows for both protection from abrasion as well as impact.


In order to keep up with  the demands of some of their customers Lindstrands have fitted the Hede gloves with NUDUD Touch screen technology. This allows the wearer to use a smartphone without taking their gloves off.


What they are primarily designed to do, however, is to be a comfortable, easy to wear glove that will be easy to wear all year round. So regardless of what you’re doing be it riding your XMax in the city or touring the alps in August these are the gloves to keep your hands warm and comfortable.


They are a unisex glove available from size five all the way up to 14 and cost €109.00 from Megabikes. All of the fun, none of the fury!


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