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Knox have it in the bag!

The EDA Rucksack

Technical kit doesn't need to be complicated

While I don’t like to point the finger, I was at an event last summer. It  was held in a popular tourist hub in Munster. In a county that the locals like to call ‘The Kingdom’.  There was a significant global motorcycle brand in attendance.

They may or may not have been from a different continent to Europe. Or Asia. They may also speak English. While I was there I left my rather cool Knox rucksack with one of the locals who assured me that they’d look after it while I amused myself with a test ride on one of the global brands unique and character filled motorcycles.


Unfortunately they didn’t look after it. As a matter of fact, when I came back, both they and my bag were gone. And these people go on about Dublin like it’s a bad place…


The good news for me, and perhaps for you too, is that Knox have a brand new Studio Rucksack. It has a waterproof roll-top design, but it very cleverly incorporates a vulcanised injected rubber base. Rather brilliantly this made with that same Micro-Lock armour to protect your MacBook from the damage caused by the impact created when someone like a motorcycle journalist gets distracted by something shiny and drops it on the pavement. 

One that I really like is the new EDA backpack. This is a very clever piece of kit. The design allows for an organised pack, the type enjoyed by a motorcycle journalist with OCD and complicated control issues. Brilliantly it opens like a suitcase and can be packed and unpacked while open and completely flat. Even the zips are reversable.


Summer 2024 is coming and you need to go somewhere. Knox kit will make it easier and even more comfortable and safer. The team at AMI stock Knox kit here in Ireland and the rest of the range can be seen at If, in the meantime, you stole my bag and I find you, trust me, it’s not going to end well for you!



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