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Knox Oulton

Updated: Apr 23

Warm, dry and safe

Indeed some of us would rate Knox gloves as the best on the market. With a large range headed up by the, now legendary, Handroid knox have been protecting riders hands, both on the road and on the track, for decades.

Now the Oulton Mk2 joins the range. The new glove is made with the same sports design as the previous Oulton. The mark two has a new stylish wrist cuff. This has been designed in polished LDPE and is made with the well proven Micro-lock.

CE approval has been earned for the entire Oulton and not just the armour as is the case with some manufacturers. They have that two part knuckle guard with air channels. This piece extends over the metacarpals with added Micro-Lock for impact absorption. Strength is finished out with a traditional leather wrap.

The glove is made from premium treated and strong goat skin leather. The seams on the side of the hand cover the little finger. This is more than effective as it’s where most of us tend to land in the event of a crash.

All the protection might suggest that the new Oulton is all about keeping us safe and little else. This couldn’t be further from the truth. One of the things that underwrites everything that the team at Knox build is the fact that they all ride bikes just like you and I. To this end all the gloves in the range are built to be easy to wear and look good.

The glove is made more easier to wear on the bike thanks to an amara silicone grip pad on the palm. The fingers come perforated. They’re even touch screen enabled. That stretch accordion panel on the back of the hand makes for a fit that is both comfortable while being secure at the same time.

Knox’s own Scaphoid Protection System (SPS) is fitted as standard.

The Oulton Men’s Leather Mk2 glove is CE approved EN13594 and is available in black with white or black with red. It is available in five sizes from small to triple extra large from


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