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Snow, Wales and Electricity

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Zero reach for the oldest of endurance tests

Zero win again


Back in 1923 a motorcycle retailer based in London, George Pettyt was the owner of a shop called Maudes Motor Mart. In order to answer the question of which bike was the most reliable he created an endurance test for motorcycles. The ACU did the observing and George provided the awards. The bike had to be ridden for 1,700 kilometres between four points in the UK. It was called the Mauds Trophy.


Norton won the first Maudes Trophy that year. While it hasn’t taken place with any regularity, a number of manufacturers have taken it on to prove that they have what it takes. Some to bust unpleasant myths and some just to show off. Last week Zero Motorcycles got to do a little of each.


What sets Zero apart as a competitor in the trophy is that they are the very first manufacturer to run anything other than a conventionally fuelled machine.


The idea was that two bikes, both Zeros DSR/X, were to be ridden in relay using only rider changes and charging times as a break. All this was to be done in 60 hours. This was all the time they had to prove not only the bikes, but also the UKs EV charging network, have what it takes to use these machines in the real world.


In quite agreeable conditions the riders set off from Lands End in the south of England on Wednesday November 29th. From there they rode to a town called Lowescroft on the east coast of England. 

Clear visor weather

Then the real fun started. With the next stop being Edinburgh the weather started to misbehave itself. The cold came in, the temperature dropped to as low as six below zero. Ice formed, snow fell and still the team kept going. They rode into the city in the early hours of the morning. So far, so good.


After another charge it was time to ride on. The riders then headed south riding into North Wales and the last checkpoint which was in Holyhead. With the job done and done with time to spare, the bikes were then ridden on to Liverpool. It was here, at the city’s convention centre that the team were awarded the trophy as part of the FIM awards.


Sun's up, keep riding

Dale Robinson, Zero Motorcycles’ UK Country Manager, was delighted; “Wow, what a ride and much more an endurance of man than machine. The bikes performed faultlessly but the biggest challenge was for the riders, riding in sub-zero conditions. They stuck to the task with great dedication and not one gave up, when they could have been forgiven for doing so".


“Aside from the honour of winning this prestigious award, it has been an excellent

opportunity for all involved to learn more about riding electric motorcycles in extreme conditions. Potential customers are often asking questions about touring and riding in cold temperatures. Our dealers now have first-hand experience, riding in conditions no Zero owner is likely to ever find themselves in, and we have been able to prove our product in these most challenging conditions. It feels fitting to be the first EV company to win this trophy, and 100 years after it was first awarded. Electric motorcycles are no longer the future

but a viable proposition for many riders today.”

A very well earned awardElectric


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