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Touring Comfort

REV'IT! launch the new Paramount GTX suit

Adding a new level of comfort

Rev It are showing off! The company have launched their new Paramount GTX touring one piece suit. The idea here is that a one piece suit is much more effective in both waterproofing and safety than a two piece suit ever could be. For those of us who’ve raced or done track days we can testify to the practicalities of a one piece race suit. This new suit isn’t so much a strange way to approach making one as it is a surprise that no other manufacturer has thought to make one before.


One of the features that it benefits from is the ability to be worn over anything. This includes everyday clothing as well as base and mid layers.


It's designed to be a fully waterproof Adventure Touring affair. To this end it combines a cool design and look while aiming to be the best in class when it comes to providing the best in water and weather resistance technology with an unconventional design. Making this work is the very interesting part…

It's good to vent

To make it easy to live with the company has made a garment with a zip that runs from the collar to the bottom hem. This allows the rider, or pillion, to simply step into it and zip it up. Interestingly the cut allows the wearer to do so even with a pair of boots on. Being made with the latest incarnation of Goretex it uses a ‘MasterSeal’ full length zip for the job. There’s no water, or wind, getting in.


Nevertheless, it still comes with the ventilation that we’d expect from any garment made to this standard. To that end there are a number of zippable vents for those sunny days, which are no excuse not to wear PPE.

You can never have enough pockets...


Adding protection to any suit is always going to be noticed by the wearer. By using a one piece option and hanging the suits ‘weight’ from the wearers shoulders that same bulk ‘disappears’ and the range of movement, both on and off the bike, is greater. Comfort and safety make for a better and safer rider and the Paramount delivers on both fronts.


That armour sits on the knees, hips, elbows and shoulders. It can be complimented with an independent back protector.


The new RevIt! Paramount GTX suit is available to order exclusively from Dublin Harley-Davidson, where it will set you back € 1.599,99. Not bad for years and years of all weather comfort and safety.

Even in the rain, this looks like an epic road...




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