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Yamaha MT 07

Pure Motorcycling

Looking like a 'real' bike!

When, back in the day, we were introduced to power restricted motorcycles the choices were very grim. Anyone remember the GS 500? Apologies if I’ve reloaded your PTSD if that was a particularly painful memory.


Over the years the worlds motorcycling manufactures have adapted and designed some cool motorcycles that are available in both full power and A2 licence ready. What’s really great about these bikes is that the good ones are made to perform in either bracket. There’s no half throttles or strangled acceleration. They’re both made to feel ‘right’.


One of my favourites in the class is Yamahas MT-07. The 690cc parallel twin has a lot to offer for both A and A2 licence holders. A lot of this is down to Yamahas cross plane crank engine. This is the same one that they share with the Tracer 700 and Ténéré 700 as well as the XSR. The way it fires, the torque it produces and the noise makes all combine to make it a whole lot of fun to ride.

Available for both licences

The bike also looks and feels as a bike from one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers on the planet should. A set of wide handlebars along with natural and comfortable ergonomics confirm a bike that rides like a big machine as does the quality of the paintwork and components.


As we’d expect from Yamaha, the bike is exceptionally well finished. There are two brake discs on the front with four pot calipers as well as an unobtrusive ABS system. As standard they roll on a pair of very capable Michelin Road 5 tyres. The colours on offer look very stylish indeed, and are complimented by LED lighting. That last one includes the indicators as well as the very clever projector headlight. I really like small details such as the black brake and clutch levers not to mention those MotoGP style winglets that house the air intakes.


The TFT screen can be scrolled through to pick one of a choice of styles as well as prioritising which part of the bikes data the rider wants to display. It also offers smartphone connectivity.


The full power version offers 73 bhp while the limited on still produces a very satisfying 34. Both produce 67Nm of torque. The latter number is what makes the limited version so satisfying to ride. 

Just one of the MT range

The MT 07 is just one of a sub-genre in the land of Yamaha. This includes a 125, a 300, a 900 and the mighty MT 10 in the range. The bike is available in the standard colours, or the ‘Pure’ finish. The first is €8,999 and the latter €700 cheaper at €8,299.



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