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Dress To Impress

All weather kit for motorcyclists makes so much sense. I’m frequently asked about what I wear and why I wear it.

Road Filth isn't just for bikes

The kit that I use is from a Scandinavian company called Halvarssons. With winter round trips of up to 500 kilometres on some days it needs to be good. I’m pleased to say that it hasn’t let me down yet.


My jacket is called the Gruven. This piece of clothing serves me well in both good weather and bad. It’s a laminated jacket which is complimented with a water repellent treatment This means that the rain flows off it, rather like it would flow off a pane of glass. On the interior there’s a thermal lining that detaches when things warm up. Add heat reflection to it and staying warm is simple and very effective. On the other end of the scale full ventilation is part of the mix and it keeps me comfortable on even the coldest of days. The raised neck protection is the last word in comfort.

While I’ve, thankfully never tested it, protection is second to none. The armour is graded to level two of the CE certification protection. In addition, this is supplemented with companys own Hi Art exterior protectors. It can, of course, take a back protector or an airbag vest. 

I Wish it would stop raining!

I compliment this with a pair of Wish pants. These are from the same manufacturer and are, once again, designed for all seasons. They carry the same certification and the same waterproofing levels. The removable liner is a Thinsulate affair and they even come with braces! My jacket and pants fully zip together.

The gloves that I wear are called the ‘Split’. These are designed for cold weather only. The cuff can either be worn under the sleeve or outside it. They’re made of a mix of touch stretch fabric and goat leather, they’re lined with Innoborne insulation. This last one is designed to be warm yet light enough to operate the motorcycle properly. There’s even visor wiper on one of the fingers. They are, as you’d expect, completely waterproof.

Feel the glove...

All of this I compliment with a Knox back protector as well as a pair of, what would appear to be, indestructible Gore-Tex lined TCX boots. Add in a base layer and all is good.

At the time of writing, early February, I’ve been across the country from Dublin to Donegal three times and while riding on gritted roads in light snow is absolutely no fun I’ve yet to develop either Trench Food or Hypothermia.

Warm feet are happy feet

The jacket is €699, the trousers are €499, in what can only be described as gender discrimination the ladies pants are only €429! The gloves are €139, the boots are €395 and the back protector is €160. Arai helmets start at €499 and have a five year warranty. All of them are worth every cent! 


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