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Clean it Up! Vulcanet

Updated: Apr 23

The world, at least the bit of it that I live in, appears to be bereft of those jet wash things that you find at petrol stations. They’ve got so rare that I’ve had to take a garden hose and a sponge to my bike. It’s been so long since I’ve heard of anything of the sort being done that I had to give my dad a call and ask for instructions!

What I’ve found works particularly well, when it comes to addressing this most immediate of problems, is to get someone else to do it. There’s a guy in Dublin who trades as ‘Crazy Wasp’. His, insert three letter acronym here /mental health is pretty interesting and as a by-product of his emotional state he’s very, very good at turning out bikes to a rather wonderful standard.


The troubling thing is that the things get dirty again. To keep my beloved MT 10 in the condition that I want to find it in I use Vulcanet.  

Vulcanet comes in a plastic tub. The plastic tub has a picture of a very attractive young lady on it.They’re wipes, not unlike baby wipes, and when I apply then to the bikes rain spotted or dusty body they lift everything. I then use the microfibre cloth to clean off the residue and give it a quick buff to finish it nicely. It’s so simple that not even I could get it wrong, that’s an endorsement if ever there was one.


The weave in the wipe is designed to lift the dirt without scratching the paintwork. It also leaves a very light seal to protect the bodywork. Ergo, there’s no need to polish the bike.

When my bike is so dirty that it needs a rarely spotted jet wash, because of their properties, the wipes are perfect at finishing the job. They’re available from a host of good bike shops and cost a whole lot less than garage forecourt washers.


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