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Dainese Full Metal Track Gloves

Updated: Apr 23

The team at Dainese have been working hard with a selection of new kit for the track. Just one of the pieces available for the new year is a pair of Full Metal 7 gloves.

They have everything. The knuckles have a Pro-Tek titanium inserts with a PU base, while the body of them is made from goatskin combined with aramid fabrics. The lighter material allows for better feel when riding your bike. The titanium combined with the PU inserts provides an enormous amount of protection, both in an impact as well as a slide.

A state of the art glove

On the fingers some of what’s been added is truly innovative. For starters, the fingers have an elastic and high-tenacity construction. These are complimented  with micro-elastic elasticated inserts. They’ve also got sliders on the fingers. These are designed with the companies own distortion control protection. This last one prevents the finger from over rotating in the event of an ‘off’.

As well as being made with goatskin the gloves have a traditional tightening strap with a  per curved cut. They’re also well ventilated and available in a choice of three colours in a full range of sizes. They’re available exclusively from BikeWorld here in Ireland


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